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The Fair and Internet problems

Yesterday I wrote 500 words. I had hoped to write more, but I played Skylanders with my daughter. It's hard to find time to write even harder when you have children. I’m not complaining, I know I am making great memories with my children.

I got on the computer to post my word count and the internet is out again. I have been have trouble for a few week and they can’t repair it till Tuesday. So might have to combine blog posts.


Today is the county fair. The girls wanted to go and experience all the fair has to offer. I got in 200 extra words at 6:00 am. The fair was good, we got to see some awesome trick riding. A man did a backflip on horseback. It was really interesting to see the different saddles, bits and bridles they had. One horses trainer used a mechanical hackmore, and my daughter and I were proud we identified it. This year was the first year we have ever owned horses and we have learned so much. The total word count for today was 1173. Not bad for a busy day. I think I am making more progress because my story finally has a direction. Well that's all for tonight.

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