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A little about Me! 

Tai Manivong is fantasy author who aspires to write a timeless literary masterpiece. She wrote her first novel in 11th grade when her English teacher let her write a novel instead of journal entries.

Tai wrote Crimson, the first novel of The Dragon Keeper Chronicles, during her time as an elementary teacher. She shared her progress with her 3rd grade students to keep them motivated in writing.

She enjoys writing novels with anthropomorphic animals, mainly dragons and dogs, with the themes of change, hope, love, and acceptance of who we are.

Before becoming a writer graduate with a master’s degree in developmental psychology, and taught elementary education for 8 years. She is now focused on growing as an author and voice actor.

When she is not working on novels, you can find her in her home studio recording audiobooks and other voice over work,  or spending time with her daughters.

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