• Tai Manivong

And School begins....

Tomorrow starts the official work day for the school year. I am still hoping to make progress daily on my novels. Today I wrote 977 words and revised a chapter. Progress isn't going as well I as would like, but I realised I need to give myself some grace. Teaching and being a mother takes a lot of time away from writing. I was stressing about how much I have to get done with new training and getting my classroom ready. There are already scheduled after school programs to attend and it all feels a bit overwhelming. I do love teaching, but it is a very time consuming job. I also love writing. I've heard that some teachers who are writers, write only in the summers. I am going to try to write at least 15 min daily on my novels. I'd love to hear ideas of how to find more time to write, if you have some leave a comment!

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