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700 hundred words last night..

I didn't get to my 2000 last night but that's ok. I consider 700 a win. I was listening to Michael La Ronn's podcast The Writer's Journey and he was saying it's better to have a range then a set number to aspire to and I think that is a great idea. SO instead of trying 2000 a day I can say between like 1000 and 2000, or since i am just getting back into the swing of things 500-1000 for now and hopefully once I am constantly writing everyday again I can get my words up to like 1,500-2,500 or something like that. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the Writer's Journey, you should definitely check it out, lots of information on writing.

ON voice over news. I am taking a week off from audiobook narration so that I can reinforce my booth. It is at like -63 noise floor some of the time but I need to get it down more so that recording will be more professional. I am thinking some plywood on the outside walls. I haven't talked about my booth, but I made a booth with some 2"x3'x6' boards and insulated it with Rock wool safe and sound insulation and for the most part its really good. I still think to much outside noise gets in. I don't have the funds for a whisper room or high level soundproofing right now so hoping adding some layers to the walls helps make it more sound proof.

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