• Tai Manivong

3 weeks till school starts and 1101 words

I went to work on setting my my classroom. Teaching second grade this year. I also had a dream about being at school. You know the school year is close when you start dreaming about teaching. I have been listening to The Crystal Shard, By R.A. Salvatore. His series was one of my favorites growing up. People usually give the advice, that to become a better writer you need to read more. When I am not writing, teaching, taking care of the children and pets; I am trying to read a lot of best selling books to become a better writing. Always trying to improve. It has been a lot easier since I started listening to audio books. That still counts right?

Today I hope on a live writing spring and wrote 1101 words today. If you are interested in some live writing check out

Micheal La Ronn https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcdjxp-TGOOucIV1rMDS8jw and Dale Roberts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKv8xcrFntOERL7NUXgkypg youtube channels. They are full of writing advice and are very inspiring for new writers.

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