• Tai Manivong

Bear Creek Dog Park

There is nothing like fresh air and nature to spark my creativity, especially when I am creating new worlds.

Bear creek dog park is a 25 acre off leash dog park in Colorado Springs. It has a river flowing through it , rolling hills, and trees. I love it here because my dogs can run and explore. Growing up near the Carson National forest in New Mexico gave me lots of opportunities to let our dogs run free. There are not many places in a city for that. I often go the Bear creek, not only so the dogs can exercise, but so I can get inspiration for my books. Here is Luna, her color marking are similar to Torben in The Dragon Keeper Chronicles. Torben is a Tan-sable Norterridane who is a warrior and close friend to Midnight.

When I am thinking of ideas for my book, I look at the different types of flowers or how the fallen leaves lay on the ground. Anything that would help me describe the landscape is what I am looking out for. Perhaps even roots protruding from the ground can give me an idea for the setting. This particular log gave me the idea for the fallen tree that leads to the thorny forest. Sparkey could even pass for Crimson crossing this log, although Sparkey would not be a fish hunter, she hardly ever likes to get her feet wet.

Where do you get your writing inspiration?

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