• Tai Manivong

My "World" has updated.

Hello fans and followers,

I just updated the world page on my website. I added a glossary of useful terms and some insider information on the world. Some interesting items are dragon types and characters in the series.

I also added a map. I have been working on several fantasy maps for the series “The dragon Keeper Chronicles” and found a great program from https://inkarnate.com/. It is in the beta version but they have a lot of Amazing items to build from. I remember reading “The Crystal Shard", “The lord of the rings”, and other fantasy books. They all had maps of their worlds. I love building fantasy worlds and wanted to share a map of Genorrdia with you. It is not the whole world but at least you can see where the first book begins. You can also try out the map maker beta for free, so check it out.

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