The Dragon Keeper Chronicles

Norterridane, a canine race of Genorrdia, have protected dragons for generations. But the dragon young are in danger. The Schorl serpents have found Genorrdia and threaten the lives of the dragons and their keepers.


Crimson wants nothing more than to be a dragon keeper and follow in her father’s footsteps.  When she stumbles upon two rare Obsidian dragon eggs and claims them as her own, she is thrown into a life she is not ready for. With little knowledge or experience about dragon keeping, Crimson sets off on a journey to protect the hatchlings.


Crimson must learn to harness the powers of her dragons or lose everyone she loves.



The Dragon Keeper Chronicles

The dust has settled in the serpent battle. Crimson cares for a new dragon and life is peaceful. But it’s a temporary peace and the Schorl serpents will return, drawn by the magic they steal from dragons.


When Azuran reappears, Crimson must convince him to rejoin dragon kind. Crimson wants to believe that Azuran is the same kind-hearted adventurous dragon she knew as a hatchling. But the closer she gets to Azuran, the more he seems to be hiding and the elders say a dragon raised by serpents cannot be trusted.


If Crimson succeeds, she will finally be able to forgive herself for failing Azuran as his keeper. If she fails, the dragon keepers will have an invincible obsidian dragon as an enemy and even Crimson’s growing powers may not be enough to save them.